Passport Photos in St Albans Studio

You will be carrying the same Passport photo around with you for 10 years, so there is no need to settle for a low quality photo booth image, when you can have a high quality studio passport photo taken in our St Albans Studio in Hertfordshire.

When taking passport photos for your baby or kids, we have the space and expertise to get the right shot quickly and easily, avoiding the huddle around a supermarket photo booth waiting for the photos to drop down. Babies can also be a handful in a photo booth and there are specific guidelines to get the right passport photo that are very difficult to achieve in a booth.

Photos are printed while you wait in our comfortable seating area.

EU, British & UK Passport Photos: £15 per person

Passport photographs for outside the EU, specialist sizes, uploads as digital, Visa photographs for eg Canadian, US and Indian.

Non EU Passport Photo Cost: £35 per person

Visa Photos

As with passport photos, for your visa documentation we also offer a Visa Photo service at our St Albans Studio. We offer the service to cover all regions and countries and ensure they are taken and printed to the specific size and specification requirements for each country.

There are many countries that require a Visa before travelling, including: China, Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Russia and many more.

Visa Photo Cost: £35 per person