Negative, Slide & Transparency Scan to Digital Service

AG Studios offer a comprehensive slide transfer service, which can incorporate all your old 35mm negatives and transparencies scanned to digital format.

Our dedicated studio carries out all works in house. Our state of the art scanner accurately scans the best possible detail imaginable in both the colour, shadow, and highlight areas. Boasting a huge 7200dpi scan, not only does it retain all the detail but we also remove any scratches, dust and dirt to provide you with a stunning digital file for display on any device and perfect for a high quality print to a wall size.

Our price structure below provides a choice of slide and negative scanning quality. You may just want a low resolution scan for simple pc viewing, a medium resolution suitable for printing and of course better screen resolution, and finally our super high-resolution 7200dpi scan for those wishing to print large format images, or indeed if you just want to retain all the detail from the original slide in digital format.

  • Low Resolution – basic scan of any 35mm negative or transparency / slide 75p
  • Medium Resolution scan of any 35mm negative or transparency / slide 99p
  • Super High Resolution (7200dpi) scan of any 35mm negative or transparency / slide £2.35

Each scan includes dust, dirt and scratch removal.

  • All digital images saved to any media format you wish to supply us with £FREE
  • Images sent via £FREE
  • Images burnt to Disc £4.50
  • Images onto a 32gb AG Memory Stick / Flash Drive £7.99

Minimum charge is £20. All prices listed above are subject to vat.

Call 01727 762300 to arrange your negative scanning service or complete the form below.