Video & Audio Transfer Services

As technology changes, you now need to upgrade your choice of storage and viewing capabilities. Old VHS tapes, VHSc, S-VHS, Hi8, Betamax and Betacam video tapes all have a life expectancy of only 15 years before deteriorating. It is time to get your old tapes preserved into a digital format.

The nature of the technology means the chemicals will literally “fall off the tape” after approximately 12-15 years, causing tape degradation and flicker known as “drop-out”. So don’t delay in transferring to a stable format to preserve your footage and valuable memories.

At AG Studios we can transfer from any given video tape professionally. The footage is "digitised" onto our edit suite through a time base corrector (TBC). The TBC ensures flickers and "drop outs" are reduced to an absolute minimum, sound is kept in sync and the picture quality is the best you can get.

We offer exactly the same service for transferring Audio cassettes, Vinyl and reel to reel audio tapes too - the prices are the same.

The original format will not be sent away, but processed in our studio so there is no risk of the original being “lost in transit”. In addition, our confidentiality policy covers all footage and will be deleted from our systems once we have confirmed the successful transfer.

We are confident that the quality of the final transfer will not be rivaled by any company offering the same service in the UK!

  • Tape to DVD
  • VHS tape to DVD
  • Transfer Camcorder tapes to hard drive
  • Hi-8 to MP4
  • Mini DV transferred to hard drive
  • Audio cassettes to MP3
  • Reel to Reel audio to digital
  • Vinyl audio to CD

The prices below relate to all the services listed on this page.

We can send your completed transfers on-line, on DVD or on a hard drive or memory stick that you supply.

At AG Studios we sell media storage. For example; A 500GB hard drive for £59.95 or 32GB memory sticks for £7.99.

  Under 30 Mins Under 60 Mins Under 90 Mins Under 120 Mins Under 180 Mins
Tape to Digital Transfer £15 £20 £25 £30 £35

Minimum order value is £20. All prices listed are subject to the current UK VAT rate and will be added to the total.